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2024 Summer Camps - Summer filled with excitement, growth, and endless possibilities 

Summer Camp 2024


Importance of coding

The fourth industrial revolution has begun and its driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

80% of future professions will require Computer Technology expertise.It is important that kids learn this skill now to secure their future.Coding will open the doors to a successful future for our kids and they will be ready to join the workforce of the years to come with confidence.


Coding Classes for kids

We specialize in coding classes for kids.  Our goal is to help kids develop a passion for coding as well as to strengthen their coding fundamentals so that they are ready for advanced AI and Machine Learning. This can only be achieved with practice. Hence, our curriculum combines core concepts and practice sessions. We provide an integrated course schedule. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching. Kids ages 6-10 start off with software and languages like scratch, app Inventor, hopscotch, etc., and move on to javascript, then learn the advanced high-level Python language after age 10 and move on to Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence using their Python knowledge in high school.  Take a look at our offerings and contact us to learn more.


Game Development Club

Ages 8-14

Python Coding

Ages 10+

Scratch, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Ages 7-12

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Ages 6+


Lego Club

Ages 6+


AP Computer Science Prep

Ages 14-18

Why should kids learn to code?

Why should kids learn to code?

  • Coding is like any other language which is best learnt at an early age so that the concepts are deeply absorbed. It has become a fundamental skill in the digital age with broad applications across any field of study. It is a skill that has to be learnt alongside Math, Science and Reading.

  • Coding also helps kids accquire other skills such as:

      - Confidence in technology

      - Problem solving

     - Creativity

     - Teamwork

     - Math

    - Analytical skills

What is python programming and why python programming?

  • Python is a high-level text-based coding. It is an object oriented language like JAVA

  • Major tech companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Google and NASA use Python

  • Python has now become the most in-demand coding language and has a promising future due to its rich and supportive community.  It is future-proof and contains advanced Artificial Intelligence Libraries for applications across industries

  • Python will help your kid be ready for future jobs in any industry or even start their own company

  • Python is the centermost language used in 

  •        AI

  •        Machine Learning

  •        Virtual Reality

  •        Big Data

  •        Robotics

  •        Gaming

  •       Networking

What is block coding?

Block coding uses blocks of code to build small games instead of text. This is a very good way for our younger learners to learn the basics of coding and the logic behind coding. Our younger students start learning block coding and then transition to javascript and finally Python programming.

About Us

We aim to help students acquire essential coding skills and confidently step into the digital world armed with the tech skills needed for any field they choose. Technology is everywhere, and Artificial Intelligence is now a reality. We want to ensure kids are prepared and set up for a lifetime of opportunities.

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