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Terms and Conditions

Code Miracles (ISeeFun LLC) is run by skilled instructors with expertise in teaching coding and Robotics.  However, the company does not guarantee or warranty that the offered services will meet any particular standards or that the code will be bug-free or meet any specific objectives.  Code Miracles is a private entity and doesn't conform to any certification approved by any industry standards body or Government.  Enrolled and active students or their parents and guardians are not licensed to copy, reuse or transmit any materials, content, code, or methodologies obtained from Code Miracles for any new or existing business venture during or after completion or withdrawal from any course at Code Miracles.   By registering and enrolling your kid for classes at Code Miracles, you agree to keep Code Miracles (ISeeFun LLC) materials confidential and only use them for personal education of your child.


Registration Fees are one-time fees for booking a spot in the program.  They're refundable if we can't find you a spot.


Kids learn valuable coding, design, and teamwork skills.  All course fees are automatically charged monthly (or six-monthly in Advance if selected).  Payments are not refundable.  You may cancel anytime by emailing us at

Parent/Guardian Certification:

I certify that I am the legal guardian or parent of the child (ren) mentioned in the registration form and wish to enroll them at  Code Miracles.   I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the Fees / Pricing Policy, Privacy Policy, and general guidelines above.  In addition, I have read and agree to the following :

 1.  Code Miracles is a safe place for kids.  However, Code Miracles shall not be responsible for any sickness or injury sustained by any enrolled child(ren) while attending classes at or traveling to or from the center.

 2.  I also agree to abide by all terms, policies & procedures of Code Miracles that are communicated to me in this form or by any other means.

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