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2024 Summer Camp

Where dreams become reality

Welcome to Code Miracles Summer Camp 2024, where innovation meets inspiration! At Code Miracles, we take pride in offering an extraordinary summer experience designed to nurture your child's creativity and ignite their passion for technology. Our team of experienced professional instructors is dedicated to teaching kids a diverse range of coding languages, including JavaScript, Python, Scratch, iOS App Development, Robotics, Designing, Game Development, and the exciting world of Roblox and Minecraft game building.

Not only do we empower our students with these cutting-edge skills, but their achievements speak volumes – consistently securing victories in FLL Robotics competitions, both at regional levels and State Championships over the past few years. At Code Miracles, success is not just a goal; it's a tradition.

Beyond the realm of technology, we believe in giving back to the community. Through our commitment to philanthropy, we actively contribute to organizations supporting less privileged kids, positively impacting their lives.

Our unique approach to teaching goes beyond coding; it's about creating an environment where kids can be themselves. We believe in the power of fun, fostering a love for learning while imparting invaluable technology skills, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication – essential tools for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Summer Camps

Dates:    Aug 5, 2024 to Aug 16, 2024
When:    9 am to 2 pm
Ages:      7 - 14
Where:  Code Miracles centers, Livingston, NJ


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Unlock the secrets of robotics at our FLL Lego Robotics Summer Camp! Delve into a dynamic curriculum that promises an immersive and hands-on learning experience in the fascinating world of LEGO Mindstorms. Here's a sneak peek at what your child will master:

  1. Robot Engineering: Dive deep into the intricacies of building a sturdy robot chassis with strategically placed mounting points. 

  2. Robot Coding: Unleash the power of programming as you explore precise movements and accurate turns using the Gyro sensor. 

  3. Robot Design Best Practices: Gain insights into robot design's 'what,' 'how,' and 'why'. 

  4. Robot Missions and Game Strategy: Master the art of game strategy and mission execution. 

At our FLL Lego Robotics Summer Camp, your child will build/code Robots and cultivate problem-solving skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Join us for an unforgettable journey where creativity and technology converge to shape the future innovators of tomorrow!"

                  Roblox Game Development

Embark on a thrilling game development journey at our Roblox Camp, where kids turn creativity into playable adventures! Here's a glimpse of the action-packed curriculum:

  1. Design Marvels:

    • Dive into the world of design by exploring GUI designing.

    • Craft towers, castles, and imaginative landscapes that come to life in your games.

  2. Coding Adventures:

    • Unleash the power of coding through engaging activities.

    • Learn programming essentials and game constructs such as variables, operators, functions, methods, and design health pickups to enhance gameplay.

  3. Game Building Mastery:

    • Become a game architect as you build your own worlds and games.

    • Transform your ideas into reality, experiencing the joy of creating, testing, and publishing your Roblox masterpieces.

Join us for a camp that seamlessly blends fun and learning, offering kids an immersive experience in GUI/script-based coding. Ignite their passion for game development and watch as their creations come to life in the digital realm!

iOS APP Development 101

Dive into the exciting world of iOS App Development 101 Camp, where kids transform their ideas into engaging games! Here's a sneak peek into our immersive curriculum:

  1. iOS and Swift Foundation:​

    • Lay the groundwork for iOS app creation, understanding the essentials of iOS and Swift.

    • Learn to use Sketch to build and design UI

  2. Swift Basics and Backend Development:​

    • Bridge the gap between design and code, linking visual elements to programming logic.

    • Build backend with Firebase

  3. Projects:

    • Reinforce learning by building projects like Instagram and TikTok

Embark on a coding adventure where creativity meets technology, and kids bring their iOS app dreams to reality. Join us for the iOS App Development 101 Camp, where fun and valuable skills blend seamlessly.

Python/Java/JavaScript with Game Development

Unlock the world of coding and game development with our Python/Java Adventure Camp, where kids embark on a journey to build skills that extend beyond the classroom! This camp will prepare kids for college-level computer programming courses.  Here's a glimpse into our dynamic curriculum:

  1. Text Based Environment Exploration:

    • Immerse yourself in the coding world using VSCode, PyCharm, PyGame, CodeCombat, Turtle, and Tkinter.

  2. Coding Foundations Mastery:

    • Lay a solid coding foundation by mastering variables, collections, control flow, functions, and more.

  3. Building Fun Games:

    • Dive into the creative realm of game development - Hangman, Tic-tac-toe, ping-pong, and various arcade games, simultaneously enhancing creative and coding skills.

    • Build games like SpacerRacer and Snake

Prepare to unleash your coding potential and have a blast building games that showcase your newfound Python prowess. Join us for Python with Game Development Camp, where innovation and fun collide!

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2 spots

1 spot

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