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Python Coding Classes for Kids

Most popular course for ages 10-18

Python is our most popular course. Majority of students like to take up our python course because we are the experts when it comes to Python. We have been working in software and technology, working with different programming languages for the last 20 years. We have created a very effective and challenging curriculum for kids to build coding skills.  It will even help them ace college level computer programming courses. The key to success in Python is practice and we provide extensive exercises for kids to practice Python along with learning all major concepts.

  • Python is a high level text based coding language. It's an object oriented language like JAVA.

  • Major tech companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Google and NASA use Python

  • Python has now become the most in-demand coding language and has a promising future due to a rich and supportive community.  It's future proof and contains advanced Artificial Intelligence Libraries for applications across industries

  • Python will help your kid be ready for future jobs in any industry or even start their own company

  • Python is the center most language used in AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Robotics, Gaming and Networking

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