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Why Lego Spike Prime is a better choice than EV3 to compete in the FLL competition?

For many who participated in FLL Competition last year using the EV3 robot, the top-of-mind question is - should I use the EV3 robot that has been retired or use Spike prime (the new robot)?

The new Spike Prime (SP) platform is a significant improvement over the EV3 robot across many dimensions. Don't let the cute LED lights fool you into thinking that this SP platform is just for small kids. It is a powerful robot that is well equipped to outshine EV3 robots in FLL competitions. While change is hard, it is also the only way to drive innovation, one of the core values of the namesake organization that runs the FLL competition.

Let us compare and contrast the key capabilities of these two robots

In summary:

Fully leverage components and features to your advantage

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