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Python courses for professionals


Python programming has now gone mainstream. Improve your chances of promotion at work and success in your career by taking our python course.

Python is no longer just for computer programmers.  It is a tool (not unlike MS Excel or PowerPoint) that is valuable for anyone, particularly for those in product management, analytics, finance, sales, marketing.

That a neuroscientist would be spending up to one-fifth of their work time on Python underscored how leveraging coding can no longer be viewed as an obscure tool used by computer nerds.

If you're on the business side, you can pull user data (behavioral, transactional, etc.), analyze data for insights and know what actions you should take to improve your business/products.  You don't have to worry about MS Excel pivot tables or its 1M row limit.  If you're a technologist, you can automate data integration, generate reporting or implement Machine Learning or AI with ease.

Learning Python will help you drive growth and productivity for your business.  Upskill yourself now!

Level 1 - Python Excellence

(12 live online classes - Sundays 12 - 1 pm ET ; starting: 9/27 )

We give 5% of the proceeds to help underprivileged kids across the world.  

In this course, you will learn about core Python language constructs including data structures, data transformation, different types of logical statements; you would become comfortable with core scripting and object oriented programming.  After completing this course successfully, you will be able to independently create scripts of medium complexity, allowing you to drive immediate value at work (automate processes, create strategic solutions or coach teams).   This will also put you in the path of data analytics, data visualization and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

You will get ample exposure to strategy and coding through in-class real-world applications and homework exercises.  No previous coding experience is necessary for this course.

Price: $499

*Payment billed by ISeeFun LLC, owner of Code Miracles(TM) and Code Livingston

After completing this course, you will able to build more skills in Level 2 (advanced) course on data analytics and visualization below

Level 2: Advanced Python

(12 live online classes - Sundays 3 - 4 pm ET)

We give 5% of the proceeds to help underprivileged kids across the world.  

Have you ever been part of a team that struggled to derive meaning out of raw data, engaged in endless manual hours of creating excel pivots or SQL queries and still weren't sure if the resulting data were particular helpful in driving business results ?  You're not alone, many business and analytics teams get stuck doing manual work without actually creating insights that drive business forward.  This will be a thing of past once you take this course.  


You will learn how to create magic like insights and visualization using advanced Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, and Seaborn. You're sure to wow your colleagues and boss with these skills.  If you plan to be in product management or anywhere where using data is used (finance, sales, marketing), this course would catalyze your career success. You should have taken Level 1 course before enrolling in this course. 

Price: $499

Enroll for both levels now and get 10% off. 

Price: $899

*Payment billed by ISeeFun LLC, owner of Code Miracles(TM) and Code Livingston


Fani, Engineering

Thanks to Code Miracles, the classes were excellent and I learnt quite a lot.  The pandas and numpy libs are really eye opening in how quickly data can be analyzed.

Kartik, Product Management

Understanding the basics and expanding on them were great. Pandas and libraries are amazingly powerful and the way Code Miracles taught them made it easy to understand.

Vijay, Business

Code Miracles did an excellent job as a trainer. They were sincere in their efforts to make sure that participants are understanding the concepts. I liked the course very much and will recommend it.

Level 3 course - Artificial Intelligence with Python (Coming soon)
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